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Dr. Craig Barrow
B.A. and M.A., English, University of Chicago; Ph.D., English, University of Colorado

Dr. Craig Barrow, George Connor Centennial Professor in American Literature, had a career of 36 years at UTC.  Barrow earned both a B.A. and M.A. in English from University of Chicago, and the Ph.D. in English from University of Colorado.  While Barrow served on many committees at UTC, been president of Alpha and the local chapter of the National Council of Teachers of English, and chaired eight conventions, most of his work has been in teaching and research. He received four teaching awards, two at the University of Colorado and two at UTC, one from the SGA and the other from the College of Arts and Sciences.  In his career at UTC, Barrow taught nearly 40 different courses. He participated in many postdoctoral seminars run by the NEH at such schools as Dartmouth, Stanford, Northwestern, and California Berkeley as well as a number of Mellon seminars at Vanderbilt.  Barrow is the author of over a hundred articles and essays, many reviews, the editor of two collections of essays, “Politics, Society, and the Humanities” and “Gender, Race, and Identity” along with a book on Joyce and film, “Montage in James Joyce’s Ulysses.” In 1985 he was elected to the UTC Council of Scholars, and in 1991 he received the College of Arts and Sciences Research Award.