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Natalie Martin
Web Development Project Manager
Crash Creative
B.A., English: Literature, B.A., Mass Communication


Career Accomplishments

Natalie has worked as a copywriter/managing editor for a publishing company, marketing and PR director for a small business, and project manager for two different Chattanooga-based web companies, the latter of which (Crash Creative) remains her employer today. Natalie has also volunteered as the communications director for the Young Professionals Association of Chattanooga for two years.

Thoughts on the UTC English Department

I spent my whole life thinking I'd be a teacher (my mom and older sister are both teachers), but when I decided I didn't want to teach high school English, I decided to switch my major to English literature. I've always been "good" at English, and it seemed like a natural transition. I remember being a little worried about what I'd do with an English degree, but I will never forget Chris Stuart telling me that "people love English students." He was right. Nearly every position I've ever considered in my professional career has been open to people with English degrees.

Advice to Students

Find out what you can do with your degree! If you're not looking for a future in academia, know that there are SO many things you can do with an English degree. I'd also say to participate in at least one internship. As you navigate your way through your internship, be sure to keep writing samples so that you can use those items as real-world examples of your experience as you begin applying for full-time employment. Lastly, just never forget that communicators are so important. Even as technologies evolve, the role of the communicator remains so vital.