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Meghan O'Dea
Freelance writer
BA English (UTC), BA History (UTC), MA English (UTC)

Career Accomplishments

Meghan spent a year working in technical writing, a year working as a copywriter, and then started freelancing to shift her career toward marketing. She spent a year working for a small boutique marketing agency. After that, she spent a year in corporate communications. Now Meghan is a freelance writer who specializes in personal essays and creative journalism.

Meghan's Thoughts on the UTC English Department

The English department taught me how to read and write and process information. Any person in any field will have an advantage if they can synthesize information and communicate their observations to others. Critical voice is so important, and the English Department taught me to develop that in my own writing. I also learned how to tackle very complex, esoteric information and distill it into something that could be understood by people of any background or reading level. It's crucial to know how to simplify big concepts.

Meghan's Advice to Students

I didn't know what I wanted to do when I graduated or what career I wanted to go into. I've changed my mind once a year and made some major leaps between fields. Because I have an English degree, rather than a more specific, vocational degree, I can literally work in any industry, at any company. There is no organization that doesn't need someone who can perform research and communicate effectively. I've had the freedom to explore my professional interests while paying my bills, and at the end of the day I've also been able to explore my personal feelings and experiences in my creative writing. I have a better understanding of myself because I've been able to find what career setting and work makes me happiest, and give voice to the joys and losses of my life.