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Brook Brown
Assistant Editor
The Pulse
B.A., English: Creative Writing


Career Accomplishments

Before graduating from UTC in 2015, Brooke accepted an internship for The Pulse, a Chattanooga-based alternative magazine. Post-graduation, Brooke interviewed with The Pulse and its owner, Brewer Media, landing a dual position as Editorial Assistant for the magazine and Administrative Assistant for the parent company.

Thoughts on the UTC English Department

Spending four and a half years in the English department gave me a sense of self-worth when it came to my knowledge of literature and writing that I obviously, being an entirely left-brained individual, never experienced in math or science based courses. I felt comfortable and confident discussing novels and poetry with professors and classmates as peers. The professors in the English department, despite being superiorly intelligent in works of literature and so many other things, made every student feel as if they were their peer, someone to bounce ideas off of, talk through a paper with, etc. I never felt intimidated by the act of consulting with a professor in the English department. It was always home.

Advice to Students

If you want to study further and continue into a Masters’ program, do it! If you want to get away from school for a while, take a break after graduation. If you want to move straight into the workforce, get your resume out there and make connections—talk to your English professors, they probably know one or two people around town to put you in contact with. Basically, however you want your future to go post grad is up to you.