Tracye Pool

Tracye Pool
Director of Internships

Internship Program

Put Your Words to Work 

The English Department internship program makes connections between the Chattanooga community and UTC English students. Our goal is to connect our bright and eager students in need of real world experience to community organizations seeking smart, energetic young people to help them create public documents.

Students must be junior or senior English majors or minors with at least a 2.5 overall GPA and a 3.0 in English. In addition, they must have at least 18 credit hours beyond English 1020, including two upper level writing courses. The internship includes 120-150 hours of work experience during a given semester (generally 10 hours per week over 12-15 weeks), plus coursework and a final portfolio. Students must meet with the internship coordinator weekly during an assigned time throughout the corresponding semester, but they must secure their internships before the semester begins and meet all program requirements to receive course credit. Summer internships are at the discretion of the internship coordinator.

The internship must focus on the creation of public documents. This may include writing, design and copyediting of memos and flyers, social media posts, grant applications, news articles, and other writingrelated tasks that occur in business or nonprofit situations. If you have questions about whether a particular internship opportunity meets this requirement, please contact the internship coordinator directly. And, while the primary tasks should include writing, students should also learn the ins and outs of a professional setting, including meeting participation, event coordination, document and data organization, etc…

  • advertising and marketing
  • public relations
  • internal corporate communications
  • general corporate and nonprofit communications
  • proposal writing for nonprofit organizations
  • documentary filmmaking
  • social media writing and promotions
  • copyediting and research
  • Provide opportunities for the student to create public documents
  • Teach the student about the organization and its goals
  • Help the student succeed on the job by answering questions with patience and in a timely manner
  • Develop a work schedule that fits the student’s UTC class schedule, including the internship workshop, which meets for 50 minutes one day a week (day and time TBA)
  • Work with the student to complete the internship contract, including anticipated hours, schedule and duties (form provided by the internship coordinator to be signed by the student and supervisor)
  • Offer commentary, critiques and suggestions in response to the student’s work
  • Provide evaluations of the student’s work at midterm and the end of the semester (forms provided by internship coordinator)
  • Communicate with the internship coordinator if problems arise regarding the student’s performance
  • Participate in the organization in a professional manner
  • Live up to supervisor/student agreements regarding work schedule, deadlines, etc…
  • Provide a service to the organization
  • Work toward becoming a self-starter, requiring less supervision as the internship progresses
  • Write clear and compelling prose that will support the goals of the organization
  • Participate in a variety of activities that are part of the life of the organization
  • Meet course requirements beyond the 120 internship hours, including workshop attendance, weekly reports, workplace analysis, a small design project, and final portfolio (capstone students have a few additional requirements for the final portfolio)

The English department internship program offers a capstone option for students with 90+ total credit hours.

To apply, email a statement of interest and eligibility (see list above), three English department references, and your UTC ID to

Graduate students contact

Contact the internship coordinator, Tracye-Pool (, as soon as possible. After you formally apply and are accepted to the program, she will help you create a resume and cover letter, and she will guide you through the process of finding and applying for an internship. Like any other job, you must find a position, apply, interview, and be offered the internship. We cannot place you directly into an internship, but we will help you through the process of getting one.
Yes. In addition to working as in intern on or off campus, you must attend the weekly internship workshop and complete coursework, including weekly reports, a final portfolio, and other assignments. The workshop meets one day a week at a set time. You must attend the workshop sessions to receive course credit for your internship.
 The internship coordinator will process a registration override for English 4960 after you have met three conditions: 1) you have been accepted into the internship program, 2) you have secured an internship position, and 3) your class and work schedules allow you to attend the weekly internship workshop. Once the override is in the system, you will receive an email directing you to register for the course.
Because you must secure an internship position before the internship coordinator can grant you an override for English 4960, work with your adviser to choose and register for a safety course to fill your schedule while you apply for internships. Be sure to choose a course that will help you meet your academic and graduation goals in the event you aren’t able to secure an internship.
 If you have earned a total of 90 or more credit hours, you may take the internship course for your senior capstone experience. Capstone students must meet the same course requirements as regular internship students, plus a few extra requirements for the final portfolio. Because you must secure an internship position before the coordinator can grant you an override for the course, work with your adviser to register for an alternative capstone option, such as the senior seminar.