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Jill Williams-Alger, M.A.T.
ESL Faculty
ESL Institute
B.A. TESOL, Lee University; M.A.T. TESOL, Lee University
  Lupton Hall 117
  Mondays and Wednesdays 8:00-9:00am (or by appointment)

Advice for ESL students

Make a personal commitment with yourself to work hard, to prioritize and balance your studies with your home life, and to take healthy risks. The greatest growth you will experience with your language learning will take place when you are comfortable with making many mistakes.


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Hometown: Riceville, Tennessee

Areas of expertise: I conducted a research study and wrote my graduate thesis about one of Stephen Krashen’s five SLA hypotheses—the affective filter theory—or the anxiety experienced with adult language learning. I am specifically interested in seeing how this concept affects university students who are learning an additional language and how to convert its negative effects into something facilitative for language learning. I plan to continue my research in this field, to publish my findings, and to pursue a doctorate in the near future.

Favorite place on campus: 540 McCallie is my favorite building on campus to be productive and relax. The first floor has a refreshing atmosphere, and the third floor is usually a quiet space for good concentration.

Favorite thing about UTC: I love and appreciate the diversity of UTC’s campus and the greater Chattanooga area. There are so many exciting things to learn and do for someone like me who grew up in a more rural area—along with plenty of opportunities to grow as an individual. I would encourage others to get out of their comfort zones to experience all that UTC and Chattanooga have to offer!

Interesting facts: Even though I seem to be a laidback and quiet person, I love listening to music and attending concerts of my favorite artists whenever I can. I also secretly adore chinchillas and hope to have a few as pets someday.