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Cassandra Gutierrez, M.A.T.
Adjunct Faculty
ESL Institute
M.A.T. in TESOL, University of Southern California; B.A. in English, Wright State University
  (423) 425-4754
  (423) 425-4768
  Hooper Hall 203
  Tuesdays 3:00- 4:00pm

Advice for ESL students

Advice for ESL students: Practice English with your classmates and with other English speakers outside of class! When you were first learning to speak, you didn’t stop learning when people weren’t talking to you. You were constantly listening and trying to understand those around you. That same method can be applied to help you learn English. 


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Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Areas of expertise: My area of expertise is  language acquisition and communicative language skills. I have studied how brains acquire language and am fascinated with the subtle ways language learners construct meaning from the words and phrases they hear, both with and without explicit instruction. I am also trained as a communicative language skills specialist, which helps me to teach students how to use their language skills to communicate rather than only comprehend language. Whether speaking or writing, I want my students to be able to make themselves understood by those around them on a daily basis.

Favorite place on campus: I love the library and all the resources it has for students. It has cozy places to work and study as well as a coffee shop!

Favorite thing about UTC: UTC has many wonderful activities for students, like clubs, musical performances, and opportunities to meet other students! Getting involved in activities on campus is not only a great way to have fun and make friends, it gives ESL students plenty of opportunities to practice their English!

Interesting facts: I taught English in Gwangju, South Korea for 2 years. I was homeschooled and did not attend high school. While in college, I worked for a record label helping musicians book tours and ran sound at the local concert venue. I have 5 cats, 5 guinea pigs, 3 dogs, and a fish in my house. I have studied A LOT of Shakespeare.