Proficiency scale

The ESL Institute offers six levels of proficiency ranging from Level 1 for absolute beginners to Level 6 for advanced students. In order to accommodate a variety of personal needs and schedules, and to satisfy federal immigration requirements, the ESL Institute introduced full-time and part-time courses. Students enrolled in part-time courses have 12 contact hours of instruction per week. Additionally, they are advised to dedicate at least 8 hours per week to self-study in order to ensure language progress. Full-time courses consist of 20 contact hours per week. At the end of each course, both full-time and part-time students are required to take the TOEFL ITP test. The chart below presents a list of levels available at the ESL Institute at UTC. Each UTC level corresponds to a proficiency placement on the CEFR and ACTFL scales. Also listed are the target TOEFL ITP scores for each level. 


UTC level     
CEFR level
ACTFL level 
Full-time course number
Part-time course number
Target TOEFL ITP scores
Level 1 Pre-A1 (Beginner)

Novice Low

Novice Mid

NC21R NC11R 0-343
Level 2 A1 (Elementary) Novice High NC22R NC12R 347-393
Level 3 A2 (Pre-intermediate) Intermediate Low NC23R NC13R 397-435
Level 4 B1 (Intermediate)

Intermediate Mid

Intermediate High

NC24R NC14R 437-487
Level 5 B2 (Upper-intermediate)

Advanced Low

Advanced Mid

NC25R NC15R 493-537
Level 6 C1 (Advanced) Advanced High NC26R NC16R 540-577


Click here to learn more about the TOEFL ITP test and the required TOEFL scores for admission purposes at UTC.



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