ESL Program Fees

Full-time tuition (20h/week): $4,388 / semester

Part-time tuition (12h/week): $3,549 / semester


Each semester lasts between 13-15 weeks.

Click on the Program Dates tab for more details.  Additional costs may apply (e.g. mandatory health insurance for F1 visa holders, one TOEFL prep textbook). Payment plans are available.


Cost estimate for full-time F1 students:

Full-time Tuition (20 hours per week)


University Fees


F-1 Student Mandatory Health Insurance Fee

$439.00 - $785.00*

Estimated Living Expenses (approximate cost for housing, food, etc.)


Study Materials (approximate cost for books, etc.)





Three textbooks are included in your tuition: reading & writing textbook, listening & speaking textbook as well as a grammar book. Depending on your level your instructors may ask you to buy a TOEFL preparation textbook (approx. $40) or online access to TOEFL practice tests. These additional costs will be well under $95.

Health insurance fee:

  • summer fee is approx. $439 (coverage from mid May to early August)
  • spring fee is $638 (coverage from early January to the end of April)
  • fall fee is $785 (coverage from the beginning of August to the end of December)

F-1 Students: For each additional dependent add $2,000. Requesting an I-20 for more than one term requires submission of proof of funding for more than one term.  

Every student at UTC must pay University Fees. These fees include the Athletics Fee, Health Fee, Green Fee, Library Fee, Transportation Fee, etc. By paying these fees you will get access to all UTC facilities, admission to all UTC sporting events, UTC Outdoor trips, open lectures, concerts, art exhibits as well as all field trips and events organized by the ESL Institute with the cooperation of the Center for Global Education at UTC. UTC students can also use local CARTA public transportation free of charge.

Are you interested in a part-time course? See information below.

Bursar's Office from the outside
computer in the bursar's office

Part-time students

Only eligible students can enroll in part-time courses (e.g. permanent residents, F2 visa holders, U.S. Citizens). By law F1 visa holders must attend a full-time program. Part-time students have access to all UTC facilities such as the Aquatic and Recreation Center or UTC Library.

Part-time tuition (12 hours per week)                                                      


University Fees





Two textbooks are included in your part-time tuition: reading & writing textbook as well as a grammar book. 


*Costs are subject to change. Please check this website for updates. Tuition and fees are non-refundable. Click here for more information on how to pay.



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