One-on-One ESL Tutoring

The ESL Institute at UTC offers one-on-one tutoring for students learning English as a second language. 

This opportunity allows students to tailor English learning content to their specific needs at the time most convenient for them. We offer English tutoring on Fridays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at a rate of $65/hour.

A minimum of 10 hours must be purchased at a time, and each scheduled session must be at least two hours in length. Tutoring sessions must be scheduled a month in advance.

A UTC ESL instructor tutors a student learning English in the UTC Library.ESL instructor Sarah Anne Perry tutors Genki Miyachi at the UTC Library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can F-1 students sign up for one-on-one tutoring sessions?

F-1 ESL students must be enrolled in full-time ESL classes in order to maintain their lawful immigration status. If an F-1 student wants one-on-one tutoring sessions in addition to full-time ESL classes, these can be scheduled at the $65/hour rate.

How will I know if I’m making progress?

Your teacher will assess your lessons and homework to ensure you are meeting your learning goals. Additional assessments such as the Oxford Online Placement Test and/or TOEFL ITP may also be used.

Can I choose my teacher?

Students may request tutoring sessions with a specific instructor, but the ESL Institute reserves the right to make and/or modify teaching assignments based on instructor availability.

Can a friend come with me to my lesson?

Tutoring is strictly one-on-one, and no unregistered participants may attend sessions.

Can I schedule a one-hour tutoring session?

The minimum length of a single tutoring session is 120 minutes (two hours).

What if I need to cancel the night before?

The class schedule is set in advance, and students must reschedule classes a month ahead if needed. If a student arrives late or does not show up, they will still be charged for the class.

When is payment due? 

Payment for all scheduled tutoring sessions is due prior to the first tutoring session. 

Will the cost of my books be covered?

The tutoring fee does NOT include materials. Students may be required to purchase one or more textbooks.

What if I have specific content that I would like to study?

The ESL Institute will create a tutoring schedule and adjust the content based on a needs analysis interview conducted by the tutoring instructor.

What if my schedule changes?

Students may request tutoring schedule changes by emailing Yvonne Dunham Slobodenko.

Schedule changes must be requested in advance. For example, changes for March must be requested by the end of February. Changes for April must be requested by the end of March, etc.

What will be expected of me?

Students are expected to complete assignments and submit work by the deadlines provided. Students must also come to class on time. Students will be considered absent if they are more than 45 minutes late. Instructors are only required to wait 45 minutes into the lesson.

Following tutoring, what documentation will I have to show I have improved my English?

A certificate of achievement is available when appropriate.