English Composition Program

Dr. Jenn Stewart


Dr. Jenn Stewart

Director of Composition

Writing is a way of knowing, a way of engaging with, interpreting, and responding to the larger world.

Our courses offer opportunities to expand your writing toolkit and work in small classroom settings with some of the university’s most engaging, student-centered instructors.

We believe…

  • Your ideas are important, and we aim to help you express them with clarity and finesse.
  • Writing is a process, not a formula but a fluid and recursive process that requires planning, evaluation, and revision.
  • Engaging with new perspectives and ideas enriches the academic, writing, and personal journey.

UTC English Department’s Composition Program serves undergraduate students across all university degree programs. We help students develop the critical thinking, analysis, and writing skills necessary for academic success. 

Composition students learn to synthesize information from multiple texts and perspectives, respond to the needs of diverse audiences, and adapt their writing for different contexts, purposes, and technologies.


English 1010: Rhetoric and Composition I

English 1010 focuses on critical reading and strategies for varying writing style, tone, and form for multiple purposes and audiences. Students learn to compose texts, including academic essays, that clearly assert a claim and support the claim with compelling evidence.

English 1010: Rhetoric and Composition I with Writing Tutorial

An alternative to English 1010, English 1011 provides students with an additional 75-minute tutorial per week to help them achieve the program’s critical reading, analysis, and writing goals.

English 1020: Rhetoric and Composition II

English 1020 helps students build on their reading, analysis, and writing skills to develop complex written arguments based on careful evaluation and synthesis of information from research.  

Please see Course Description, Objectives, and Outcomes for more information.

If you have questions about placement or anything else related to the English Composition Program at UTC, please contact Dr. Jenn Stewart, Director of Composition, or Yvonne S. Artis, Composition Program Administrative Assistant.