English Composition Courses

English 1010 Rhetoric and Composition I focuses on learning to vary one’s writing style, tone, and form to suit multiple purposes and audiences, including academic audiences. Because students entering English 1010 should have mastered basic grammar, classroom instruction at the sentence-level focuses mostly on diction and stylistic matters rather than matters of grammatical correctness, which is covered largely through one-on-one conferences between students and teachers. By the end of 1010, students should be able to compose essays that clearly assert a claim and then support the claim with compelling evidence drawn from personal experience, one’s reading, and/or library research. (General Education credit)

English 1011 Rhetoric and Composition I with Writing Tutorial is an alternative to English 1010, which covers the same material and includes an additional 75-minute writing tutorial session. During these session, students meet with a graduate assistant for additional help on assigned essays or to work on particular writing skills. (General Education credit)

English 1020 Rhetoric and Composition II focuses on practicing the finer points of written argumentation and writing from sources. Among other things, students learn how to develop an innovative approach to an “old” topic, choose appropriate types of appeals, evaluate a source’s credibility, and cite sources properly. (General Education credit)


For more course information, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog.