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If an emergency occurs on campus, how will you know?

The UTC-ALERT system is designed to inform the UTC community in the event of an emergency.

  • UTC-ALERT messages contain critical information.
  • Depending on the situation, you may need to follow the instructions in the UTC-ALERT message and await further communication.
  • There is no cost to sign up for UTC-ALERT, and it will only be used to share emergency information.

Sign Up Now!

Directions to Sign Up

Students, faculty and staff must register themselves to receive notices.

Registration is simple.

  1. Go to getrave.com/login/utc
  2. Click REGISTER
  3. Use your full UTC email address, and create a password. The password is not connected with any other campus login.
  4. Follow the instructions on the next screens.

Students, Faculty and Staff can add recipients for UTC-ALERT.

A member of the UTC community who is already signed up for UTC-ALERT text messages can add a total of three mobile phone numbers and three email addresses for themselves, family, or others.  

  1. Go to getrave.com/login/utc
  2. Username is your full UTC email address.
  3. Under the My Account tab, click to add mobile number, email address or both.
  4. To confirm the added mobile phone number or email address, click TEST.

Emergency Notification Methods

UTC Email 

UTC will send an email containing information or instructions during an emergency. Emails will be sent via UTC-SAFE-AND-SECURE, UTC-URGENT and UTC-INFO.

Text Messaging

UTC sends out UTC-ALERT messages straight to your mobile phone.

UTC Website and Social Media

While the UTC website and social media are not the primary alerting methods, UTC will display critical information on its website and social media, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Classroom and Building Alerts

Alert Beacons are wall-mounted devices in select locations that sound an alarm and show a text message to notify the campus when an emergency has occurred.

LED Scrolling Signs are also mounted in select locations and display large type messages.

Desktop Alerting

Computers on campus have been loaded with a desktop alerting function, which is a full-screen pop-up alert. When an emergency notification is sent this way, the message self-opens over the entire computer screen and stays up until the user acknowledges the alert.

Privacy Information

UTC-ALERT does not distribute advertising or other promotional content.

UTC-ALERT subscribers pay no fees for the service, other than any individual fees associated with text messaging services.

Questions or Problems? Email emergency-management@utc.edu.