Emergency Services Divisions


The UTC Police Department provides 24/7 protection for the UTC campus each and every day. We serve our campus community be providing police and security services, emergency communication, and a variety of training.

Safety and Risk Management also serves and protects our community by monitoring life safety equipment, helping with environmental and health compliance, and training.

Together, these two divisions are a team of skilled professionals whose main focus is the well-being of our campus community.

Our unofficial mission statement says it best:

We keep you safe by watching out for bad actors, poor drivers and malevolent critters. We support you by monitoring hazards (both the environmental and personal ones), holding your head when you vomit, walking you through the myriad of regulations (while working very hard to say YES instead of NO), and giving you advice in a variety of areas. We give you tough love--a figurative boot on your behind or a literal hand on your shoulder--whichever is appropriate.  In short, our personnel serve as your Campus Moms and Dads, and we like it that way.