Program Highlights

The multidisciplinary Doctoral Program in Learning and Leadership equips participants with an understanding of the relationship that learning plays in the leadership process. Our philosophy supports the development of reflective practitioners in a variety of organizations and focuses on the interwoven nature of learning and leadership. The curriculum emphasizes the proficiency that individuals will need as they pursue the challenges of organizational change. Major themes include, "How do we measure performance?", "How do people adapt to change?", and "What role does learning play in organizational improvement?"

Key elements of the Doctoral Program in Learning and Leadership follow:

Cohort Centered - A group of highly qualified participants (maximum of 25 participants per cohort) will complete an initial set of required core coursework

Hybrid Delivery Model - Includes required face-to-face meetings and extensive work in the Virtual Classroom (online) through discussions and readings, along with self-directed/small group study

Competency Based - Participants must demonstrate competency in seven domains: Learning, Leadership, Research, Measurement, Organizational Effectiveness, Technology & Innovation, and Communication

Multi-Disciplinary -  Provides an integrated view of leadership and learning in a variety of organizational settings

Program Core -  27 required core credit hours (Ed.D.)/39 required core credit hours (Ph.D.) via hybrid delivery

Electives - Coursework in the participant's chosen field of study. All electives (24 credit hours Ed.D./18 credit hours Ph.D.) must be approved by the participant's Program Director/Advisor

Pre-Dissertation Course - Each participant will enroll in this 3 credit course designed to develop the knowledge base in a scholarly area related to learning and leadership. This final course in the Research core culminates in the development of a draft Dissertation Prospectus

Dissertation - Each candidate will complete and defend a Dissertation representing the culminating written deliverable for the degree (minimum of 12 Dissertation hours Ed.D./minimum of 15 Dissertation hours Ph.D.)

Total Program - The degree program consists of a minimum 66 credit hours of coursework and research (Ed.D.)/ a minimum of 75 credit hours of coursework and research (Ph.D.)