Mission Statements

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is a driving foce for achieving excellence by actively engaging students, faculty, and staff; embracing diversity and inclusion; inspiring positive change; and enriching and sustaining our community.

The mission of The Graduate School is to provide rigorous advanced instruction, applied research opportunities, financial support, and other support services for graduate students. The Graduate School upholds high program and academic standards in serving the needs of the region, state, and nation. The Graduate School also takes into account the increasing availability of information and the resultant creation of knowledge made possible by advances in technology.

The mission of the College of Health, Education and Professional Studies is to prepare liberally educated, technologically efficient scholars and  practitioners for life in a global society. The College is committed to enhancing the bodies of knowledge in each of its disciplines, promoting the  values and ethics of a truth-seeking, caring community, and serving diverse populations by providing family and social service experts, health and  lifestyle professionals, leaders and teachers for the 21st century.