Core Competency Domains

Competencies can be characterized as behaviors, knowledge, skills and abilities, exhibited in professional practice. Demonstration of competency (or lack thereof) directly impacts the success of individuals and organizations. Competencies can be objectively measured, enhanced, and improved through learning experiences, both formal and informal. Core competencies, for purposes of our program, are areas of focus upon which future learning and professional practice will be developed. Using core competencies as the baseline for a degree program enhances knowledge acquisition and performance improvement. Competencies can serve as progress indicators for the evaluation and assessment process. Competencies should not be static or fixed, but are continually enhanced through academic engagement, experiential learning and ongoing professional development.

The Learning and Leadership Doctoral Program is grounded in specific program competency areas (link: Competency Areas). Upon completion of the coursework, participants are expected to exhibit demonstrable competence in each area, as well as the ability to synthesize the connections between the domains.