Grading Philosophy

All LEAD core and elective course work will be assessed and evaluated reflecting the program’s competency based scale. Our philosophy of assessing demonstrable competency is represented through a consistent grading policy in every LEAD course. This program assessment is designed and implemented to demonstrate learning through engagement, contribution, and the creation and presentation of high quality deliverables.

 Grade      Percentage        Definition


92% +

Represents an evaluation of work which exceeds competency standards, depicts mastery, and demonstrates an exceptional understanding of the subject matter.


84% +

Represents an evaluation of work which meets competency standards for thoroughness and depicts a thorough understanding of the subject matter.


75% +

Represents an evaluation of work that is satisfactory relative to standards of competency but lacks some areas of thorough understanding of the deliverables and the subject matter.


74% and lower

Represents unsatisfactory work.