Confirm/Update Contact Information: 

During your doctoral program of study, it is critical that we maintain an open line of communication with you. Please take a few minutes to confirm (or update) your contact information with the University.

  1. Login to the MyMocsNet portal (link: MyMocsNet). 
  2. Click on the Services link/tab at the top of the screen. 
  3. Under the Personal Information section/channel, select Update Addresses and Phones.
  4. Under the Permanent address section, select the blue Current hyperlink. Enter today's date as the Valid from This Date. Leave the Until this Date field blank. Update your permanent mailing address. 
  5. Under the Phone Type section, select Cell Phone from the drop-down menu. Enter your area code + cell phone number in the boxes provided. Review your entries and select Submit

Address and phone number changes may be made online 24/7 via MyMocsNet. If your address or phone number should change at any time, please update your official listing via MyMocsnet. Any name changes, date of birth corrections, or SS# corrections require supporting documentation. Contact the Registrar (link: Registrar) for details.  We appreciate your diligence in keeping your contact information up-to-date.