Procedure for Scheduling the Comprehensive Assessment Defense

  1. The participant will submit the link to the Digital Portfolio to the Program Director/Advisor for initial review to assess its state of readiness. This initial review process typically results in one or more rounds of revisions. Therefore, participants are encouraged to allow sufficient time for review and feedback.

  2. Once the Program Director/Advisor has assessed and determined that the participant is ready to present and defend the Comprehensive Assessment, s/he will share the Digital Portfolio with the Faculty Review Team at least 14 days prior to the day of the Comprehensive Assessment defense. The three members of the Review Team will include the Program Director/Advisor plus two additional faculty members.

  3. The Program Office will schedule the Comprehensive Assessment defense (90 minutes should be allotted for the Comprehensive Assessment presentation and defense).

  4. The Program Office will reserve the facility and distribute appointment invites to all attendees (participant and Faculty Review Team).