Overview of the Comprehensive Assessment

In the UTC Doctoral Program in Learning and Leadership, the Comprehensive Assessment represents the blueprint for the evaluation of progress in and completion of the program. The Digital Portfolio is a work-in-progress that culminates in the documentation of demonstrated competence in specific program areas, along with a detailed Critical Synthesis Paper (CSP). The Digital Portfolio will serve as the documentation for the comprehensive assessment in the program, prior to moving on to the dissertation. Consequently, it is imperative that each participant’s Digital Portfolio demonstrate evidence of competency that weaves theoretical understanding and fluency together with knowledge of and reflection on the seminal works (primary literature associated with the competency), specific experiential learning, best practices, and practical application in each of the competency domains.

Each participant is expected to exhibit demonstrable competence in each competency area, as well as the ability to synthesize the connections between the areas (link: Competency Areas).