Comprehensive Assessment Defense Presentation

The Comprehensive Assessment Defense Presentation should be based on the participant’s Critical Synthesis Paper (CSP). As is accomplished in the paper, the presentation should weave application of theory and competence in the program domains with specific examples from professional practice. The participant will upload the Comprehensive Assessment Defense Presentation (PowerPoint) to the Digital Portfolio a minimum of 14 days prior to the Comprehensive Assessment defense. The presentation should be 20-25 minutes in length. Participants are encouraged to thoroughly practice the Comprehensive Assessment Presentation in preparation for the defense.

Once the Program Director/Advisor has assessed and determined that the participant is ready to present and defend the Comprehensive Assessment, s/he will share the Digital Portfolio with the Faculty Review Team at least 14 days prior to the Comprehensive Assessment defense. The Program Office will schedule the Comprehensive Assessment defense (link: Scheduling the Comprehensive Assessment Defense).

On the day of the Comprehensive Assessment defense, the participant should be prepared to spend 20-25 minutes discussing the specific theoretical framework and rationale for the items included in the Digital Portfolio and how they relate to the participant's own learning and application to professional practice. The participant should also be prepared to respond to questions from the faculty throughout and following the presentation. The participant will be assessed according to the criteria outlined in the Comprehensive Assessment Defense Form/Rubric (link: Comprehensive Assessment Defense Form/Rubric).

  • If upon completion of the Comprehensive Assessment defense, the Faculty Review Team determines that the participant is not ready to transition to candidacy, the Program Director will notify the Program Office ( to hold the Examination Results Form. The participant will work with the Program Director/Advisor to address any competencies as needed. Another defense meeting will be convened within a time frame agreed upon by the Faculty Review Team.

  • If the Comprehensive Assessment defense is approved, the Program Director/Advisor will notify the Program Office ( and request circulation of the Graduate Degree Examination Results Form for digital signatures from each member of the Faculty Review Team.