The Competency Plan

While the foundational competencies of the doctoral program are Learning and Leadership, each of the core competencies is important (link: Competency Areas). To best understand and articulate the integrated nature of the competencies, it is often easier to first separate the different competencies and view them in isolation and then put them together in a final synthesis as the program unfolds. With that thought in mind, one way to develop the plan would be to take each of the competency areas and develop responses to the following themes:

  1. What is my background/history relative to this competency area? Experience in the area, courses related to the area, and reflections on my current competence in this area?
  2. What level of competence do I want to achieve in this competency area? Published, scholarly, and leading-edge competence? Professional-practice competence?
  3. What is my plan to achieve the desired level of competence in this area? Academic plans, professional plans, collaborative plans, personal plans?
  4. How do I intend to integrate each of the program's required courses (core and electives) into my overall plan?