We are not currently accepting applications. Please refer to our program website for details.

Learning and Leadership Recommendation Form

Submission Deadline: TBA

You have been asked to recommend an individual for admission to the Learning and Leadership Doctoral Program at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The multidisciplinary Learning and Leadership Doctoral Program (Ed.D.) equips participants with an understanding of the relationship that learning plays in the leadership process. The program philosophy supports the development of reflective practitioners in a variety of organizations and focuses on the interwoven nature of learning and leadership. The curriculum emphasizes the proficiency that individuals will need as they pursue the challenges of organizational change.

We would appreciate your candid evaluation of the applicant and request you provide any information that would assist in evaluation the applicant’s potential for doctoral-level study. Please rate the applicant in comparison to others whom you have known at similar stages in their academic / professional career tracks.

Please enter the applicant's name and your name in the "Last Name, First Name" format for digital filing purposes.