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Learning and Leadership Doctoral Program

The multidisciplinary Learning and Leadership Doctoral Program (Ed.D./Ph.D.) is designed to equip participants with an understanding of the relationship that learning plays in the leadership process; develop reflective practitioners in a variety of organizations; and focus on the interwoven nature of learning, leadership, and decision-making. The curriculum emphasizes the proficiency that individuals will need as they pursue the challenges of organizational change. Major themes include, "How do we measure performance?", "How do people adapt to change?", and "What role does learning play in organizational improvement?"

The Learning and Leadership Program begins with a cohort of participants and a faculty team engaging in a required foundational course during the Summer semester. This foundational course is followed by a sequence of required core courses (27 credits Ed.D./39 credits Ph.D.). All core courses are offered via hybrid delivery (face-to-face and Virtual Classroom). Upon completion of the core, individuals have the opportunity to focus their studies in a particular subject matter area through elective course work (24 credits Ed.D./18 credits Ph.D.). Other major elements of the program include the development of the Comprehensive Assessment and the final required course, LEAD 7700 Pre-Dissertation Seminar. The Comprehensive Assessment is the culminating assessment event that must be successfully completed prior to advancement to candidacy and to beginning work on the Dissertation. Participants will demonstrate competency in the specific program domains.