Registering with the Disability Resource Center

UTC is committed to access for individuals with disabilities.

Students may register with the Disability Resource Center at any time. Every effort will be made at the Disability Resource Center to process each student’s registration and request for accommodations in a timely manner.

DRC staff will establish an opportunity for the student and DRC staff to engage in an interactive process to determine eligibility for services and reasonable accommodations, as needed.

To be eligible to register for the DRC, a student must meet the University's admission requirements and be admitted as a student to the university.

Students seeking to register with the Disability Resource Center should follow these steps:

  1. Submit DRC Application. Paper copies of the application are available at the DRC front desk (108 University Center) or through a DRC staff member.
  2. The student will receive a confirmation email with instructions for scheduling an intake appointment with a DRC staff member.
  3. Schedule and complete the intake appointment. The intake process is conducted in a structured interview between an individual and DRC staff to explore the impact of a disability, previous experiences and accommodations, and any access concerns the student may have.

Any documentation provided will assist in the determination of appropriate accommodations. The DRC reserves the right to request additional documentation in order to determine appropriateness of reasonable accommodations. Documentation relating to disabilities will be regarded confidentially as defined by FERPA and the ADA-AA.

  1. The DRC staff member will work with the student to determine reasonable accommodations and review available resources for access on campus. For each course, the student will receive a Letter of Accommodation outlining approved accommodations.
  2. For each course for which an accommodation is needed, the student will provide the Letter of Accommodation to each instructor. Faculty instructors should be notified of approved accommodations promptly to ensure accommodations are provided.
  3. Students may request their Letters of Accommodation at any time, but we suggest that letters are provided to instructors at the start of each new semester for which accommodations are needed.


Students registered with the DRC may consult in a scheduled meeting with a DRC staff member at any time. Follow-up discussion topics may include:

  • New or additional diagnosis
  • Change in accommodation needs
  • Issues with a course or instructor
  • Other concerns