It is the student's right and responsibility to disclose their disability to the Disability Resource Center in order to receive the accommodations that they need. Please click here for more information regarding the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities.

The DRC utilizes discretion and flexibility in determining how accommodations will be provided on a case-by-case basis. The intake process is conducted in a structured interview between an individual and the DRC staff to explore previous experiences, past accommodations, and determining what has been effective or ineffective in providing accommodations.

Any documentation provided will assist in the determination of appropriate accommodations. The DRC reserves the right to request additional documentation in order to determine appropriateness of reasonable accommodations. Documentation relating to disabilities will be regarded with the highest confidentiality and is maintained by the Disability Resource Center. 

If you believe you may have a learning disability but have not yet been tested for one, here is a list of recommended local physicians who are qualified to provide LD documentation.


Disability Resource Center Documentation Guidelines


Documentation can come in many different forms. Examples include, but are not limited to: Assessments, VA Certification, and Letters from Professionals.

Here are some guidelines students have found helpful. These characteristics of documentation are helpful in providing the necessary information to set up accommodations.

·         All documentation submitted to the DRC will need to be typed and not hand written.

·         The DRC will request the most recent documentation from our students. If original documentation of disability is not obtainable, your most current provider may write a letter of verification of diagnosis

·         Documentation should have a clear statement of diagnosis

·         Documentation should explain the impact of the disability

·         Documentation will need to include the signature of a qualified professional

The following types of documentation are typically not sufficient as stand-alone documentation

·         Hand written notes on prescription pad

·         Therapy notes

·         504 - May still be brought to show history of accommodation along with appropriate documentation

·         IEP – May still be brought to show history of accommodation along with appropriate documentation

·         Evaluations from individuals without proper credentials

If you are having trouble gathering this information please notify our office so that we may assist you during this process.



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