Exam Accommodation FAQs

By: Holly Zuckerman--Access Coordinator


  • How do I take exams at the DRC with accommodations?

If you are a registered student with the DRC, and you have the approved accommodations of taking your exams here, then you must fill out a Proctor Request Form (Click Here for Form) and submit it at least 3 business days prior to your scheduled exam date. You should fill out one form per class that you plan on taking your exams here for. Once the form is submitted, I will make sure that everything is prepared for you to take your exam here. You just have to show up at my office at the scheduled exam time to take your exam.


  • What do I do with the proctor request form to have it properly filled out?

Once you fill out the online form and submit it, you should receive a confirmation email with all of your responses, and an email will automatically be sent to both me and your professor (please make sure you have the correct email for your professor when you fill out the form) with the responses in it.  That's all you have to do. If you know ahead of time when all of your exams will be scheduled (they might be listed in your syllabus), you can fill them all in on one form for each class. Just keep in touch with me if any of the dates change so that I can make the change on my schedule (you do not need to submit a new form). If you don't know when your exams will be, just fill out a new form each time you find out that you have an exam coming up.


  • When do I need to turn in my proctor request form so that it's on time?

3 business days prior to your scheduled exam date.


If your exam is on:

Turn in by:

Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday


  • How do I schedule my extended time if I have back to back classes?

Typically we will start your exam at your regularly scheduled class time, and apply the extended time to the end. But if you have a class after your exam, and no class before your scheduled exam, then we can start your exam earlier instead. For 8am classes, we will have to reschedule for a later time in the day since we open at 8am. If you cannot start your exam earlier and cannot stay later because of back to back classes, then you will need to reschedule your exam (see next FAQ below).


  • What if I need to change the scheduled time of my exam?

All schedule changes must be approved by your professor. If you know ahead of time that you might have back to back classes and will need to change the time of your exam, talk to your professor about it and have your professor email me about the time change that they agree to. Only put on your form the original class time for the exam, and I will make changes accordingly.


  • How do I schedule quizzes?

For any type of quiz, come talk to me about them and I will add them to my exam schedule. I'll work it out with your professor so that you can take them in our office at a time that is both convenient for you and that works with the class schedule.


  • What happens if I miss an exam or know I'm going to miss an exam?

Again, all schedule changes must be approved by your professor. Rescheduling a missed exam is dependent on whatever their classroom policy is regarding makeup exams. The only time we might have any influence over this is if your reason for missing the exam has anything to do with your disability or accommodations. Your professor must email me with their approval and the approved new time and date for your exam. If you know ahead of time that you are going to miss an exam, I would really appreciate it if you'd let me know so that I can take you off the schedule and plan for you not to be there.