The Disability Resource Center offers Academic Coaching to registered students. Academic Coaching is a DRC service, not an accommodation. Academic Coaching involves individualized, structured one-on-one meetings with a professional staff member at the DRC to improve academic skills. Academic Coaching is not tutoring in content-specific areas, nor does it involve mental health counseling.  The purpose of Academic Coaching at the DRC is to help students learn and apply college-level academic strategies, become resourceful college scholars, and develop the self-advocacy skills necessary to navigate academic demands on campus. Topics discussed in an Academic Coaching session could include time management, study and exam preparation strategies, reading techniques, note-taking skills, paper and project planning, college life balance and organization, and self-advocacy.

Students interested in Academic Coaching at the DRC should refer to the processes outlined below.

  1. Register with the Disability Resource Center.
    1. Turn in DRC Application (available online here: , or in the DRC office at 108 University Center)
    2. Submit documentation to verify current disability, as needed. Documentation should ideally include 1) current diagnosis and impact, 2) any relevant history or information about the impact of the disability, and 3) the signature of the qualified professional. Additional or updated documentation may be requested.
  2. Schedule an initial Academic Coaching session with DRC staff to review Academic Coaching procedures, outline communication methods, determine main goals for Academic Coaching, and identify the frequency and schedule for subsequent meetings.
    1. Students will be matched with a DRC staff member based on scheduling and availability, staff strengths in supporting specific goals for the student, and will consider requested student preferences.
  3. The student and coach will agree to responsibilities and a recurring schedule, if necessary, during their first meeting.
  4. If a student misses three scheduled Academic Coaching sessions without notice, he or she will need to schedule another initial Academic Coaching session (step 2) before continuing to receive Academic Coaching services.