Housing Accommodation Procedures


The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga considers requests for housing accommodations on an individual case-by-case basis for individuals with disabilities in campus housing. Reasonable housing accommodations may include single rooms, first-floor rooms or an elevator in close proximity, strobe alarm systems, and others, as determined by the Disability Resource Center in an interactive process with the student. If a request has been approved, the accommodation is communicated to Housing and Residence Life.

Students requesting accommodations for the impact of a disability in UTC campus housing should follow these steps:

  1. Apply for campus housing through Housing and Residence Life and ManageMyHousing.
  2. Register with the Disability Resource Center (if not already registered).
    1. Turn in DRC Application (paper version available in the DRC office at 108 University Center)
    2. Submit documentation to verify current disability, as needed. Documentation should ideally include 1) current diagnosis and impact, 2) nexus between impact of the disability and the need for a specific housing accommodation, 3) any relevant history or information about the impact of the disability, and 4) the signature of the qualified professional. Additional or updated documentation may be requested.
  3. Complete the Accommodation Request form on the Housing and Residence Life website
  4. A DRC staff member will contact the student via official UTC email about the status of his or her request. If additional documentation or interaction is necessary, it will be communicated to the student via email.
  5. DRC staff members determine the reasonableness of requests
    1. If approved, DRC staff will communicate the accommodation to Housing and Residence Life staff.
    2. If the request is not reasonable based on the determination of DRC staff with the information available, the student will be notified and have the opportunity to submit additional documentation to support the request or to appeal the decision.