Exam Accommodations 

When students register with the Disability Resource Center for accommodations they may become eligible for exam accommodations.

Students eligible for exam accommodations will have this eligibility documented on their Letter of Accommodation (LOA), which is the responsibility of the student to hand to their faculty as disclosure of their eligible accommodations. Eligibility for exam accommodations includes the specific accommodations outlined on their LOA for all timed assessments both in class and online. The accommodations specified on the student’s LOA can be facilitated by the Disability Resource Center’s (DRC) Testing Center, or faculty may facilitate the accommodations themselves.

Student Procedures

Students who are eligible for exam accommodations may choose the exams for which they wish to receive accommodations. If they choose to use their accommodations, it is the student’s responsibility to arrange the exam with either the DRC Testing Center, or to work out arrangements with their faculty if the faculty is able to accommodate them. To utilize accommodations at the DRC Testing Center, the student must schedule their exam at least 3 business days in advance of their exam by using the DRC’s online proctor form. The DRC proctor form can be found here: Proctor Form.

Faculty Procedures

If students who are eligible for exam accommodations choose to use the accommodation, they may work with their faculty to arrange accommodations, or they may take the exam at the DRC Testing Center. It is the student’s responsibility to make these arrangements so that the DRC Testing Center and/or their faculty are notified that they wish to use their accommodations. For more information about faculty procedures for exams administered at the DRC Testing Center, please visit Exam information for Faculty.