Priority Registration Guidelines

UTC considers requests for priority registration on an individual, case-by-case basis.

If a request has been approved, the accommodation is communicated to the Registrar.

How to Request

To be eligible to receive priority registration through the Disability Resource Center, students must follow the following the procedure:

  1. Register with the Disability Resource Center (if not already registered).
    1. Turn in DRC Application (paper version available in the DRC office at 108 University Center)
    2. Submit documentation to verify current disability. Documentation should ideally include 1) current diagnosis and impact, 2) any relevant history or information about the impact of the disability, and 3) the signature of the qualified professional. Additional or updated documentation may be requested.
  2. Complete Intake appointment with DRC staff member
    1. If approved for Priority Registration, the DRC staff member will discuss the procedure to utilize it with you
    2. The Disability Resource Center will communicate with registered students via official university email to arrange for students receiving Priority Registration.
    3. A deadline will be set each semester to encourage students to communicate their request for Priority Registration in a timely manner to ensure that DRC staff is able to connect with appropriate campus resources as necessary.

DRC staff members are not advisors and cannot provide Alternate Pin numbers that are necessary to register for classes. Please see your academic advisor for guidance on registering for classes each semester.