Classroom Note-taker Accommodation Procedures

UTC considers requests for classroom note taking accommodations on an individual, case-by-case basis.

Reasonable classroom note-taker accommodations may involve volunteer(s) in the course (arranged with the assistance of the instructor), or may be arranged peer-to-peer.

How to Request

Students requesting a classroom note-taker accommodation should refer to the processes outlined below.

  1. Register with the Disability Resource Center (if not already registered).
    1. Turn in DRC Application (paper version available in the DRC office at 108 University Center). You will receive a confirmation email.
    2. Follow instructions on confirmation email to schedule and complete and intake appointment.
    3. Submit documentation to verify current disability, as needed. Documentation should ideally include 1) current diagnosis and impact, 2) any relevant history or information about the impact of the disability, and 3) the signature of the qualified professional. Additional or updated documentation may be requested.
  2. If approved for classroom note-taker as a reasonable accommodation, students registered with the Disability Resource Center should provide the Classroom Note-taker Agreement form to the course instructor, along with the Letter of Accommodation.
  3. The instructor will make an anonymous announcement to the course requesting a volunteer note-taker. The form should be passed around, collected by the instructor, and given back to the student.
  4. The student will return the completed Classroom Note-taker Agreement form to the Disability Resource Center.
  5. The classroom volunteer note-taker may provide clear notes to the student that are handwritten or typed. If the volunteer note-taker prefers, he or she may useDRC provided carbon copy notebooks to share handwritten notes. TheDRC will assist in typing any handwritten notes if requested by the student to ensure access in a timely manner.
    1. To request that handwritten Classroom Note-taker Accommodation notes be typed to ensure access, the student should bring the handwritten copies to the DRC main office in the University Center, Suite 108.
    2. For notes taken in digital format (i.e. laptop, tablet, etc.), DRC staff member will create a shared folder for the note-taker to upload and the student to access. DRC staff will maintain the shared folder in Office 365 OneDrive. The student will receive a link through their UTC email to the shared OneDrive folder to access the notes.

Classroom Note-taker Accommodation arrangements should be made each semester as deemed necessary by the student with the approved accommodation. Students may only receive Classroom Note-taker Accommodation shared notes for course meetings they have attended.