Recording Lectures Accommodation Procedures

UTC considers accommodation requests for recording lectures as on an individual, case-by-case basis. 

Reasonable classroom accommodations may involve the use of a digital recorder or smart pen to record spoken lectures. Recordings of spoken lectures are to be used by the student to only gather relevant classroom material and for studying purposes only.

A Recorded Lecture pledge is available for any course for which an instructor requests a signed document outlining the responsibilities of the person recording lectures.

Request Process

Students requesting an accommodation for recording spoken lectures should refer to the processes outlined below.

  1. Register with the Disability Resource Center (if not already registered).
    1. Turn in DRC Application (paper version available in the DRC office at 108 University Center). You will receive a confirmation email.
    2. Follow instructions on confirmation email to schedule and complete and intake appointment.
    3. Submit documentation to verify current disability, as needed. Documentation should ideally include 1) current diagnosis and impact, 2) any relevant history or information about the impact of the disability, and 3) the signature of the qualified professional. Additional or updated documentation may be requested.
  2. If approved for the use of a digital recorder or smart pen in the classroom as a reasonable accommodation during the intake students registered with the Disability Resource Center should provide a Letter of Accommodation to each instructor for which they intend to record lectures.
  3. If necessary, a Recorded Lecture pledge can be provided to the instructor signed by the student agreeing to outlined conditions of recording in the classroom. To obtain the Recorded Lecture pledge, email or stop by the office at the University Center suite 108.
  4. Students may check out a digital recorder or smart pen from the DRC. Procedures for equipment rental can be found here: AT Checkout Guidelines.
  5. Returning students should deliver Letters of Accommodation each semester to all instructors for which they intend to record lectures prior to recording spoken material in the classroom.