Assistive/Adaptive Technology (AT) Equipment Checkout

UTC considers requests for the use of assistive and adaptive technologies or auxiliary aids on an individual, case-by-case basis.

The Disability Resource Center offers a range of technologies and equipment to ensure equal access for individuals with disabilities at the University. If an individual has been approved for an accommodation including AT, he or she may choose to utilize one of the options available at the DRC.

Requesting Equipment

For these requests to utilize available technologies and auxiliary equipment available at the DRC, individuals registered with the DRC and approved for accommodations including the use of AT should follow these steps.

  1. Schedule a meeting with a DRC staff member to discuss assistive technologies available for checkout. A conversation about the use of AT as an accommodation typically begins during the intake appointment, but students may request to explore options for AT at any time.
  2. The DRC staff member will provide an Equipment Checkout Form that is to be filled out and signed by the staff member and the individual checking out the equipment. For some of the innovative technology pieces, you may be required to attend a demo and overview of the equipment at the point of checkout.

Returning Equipment

  1. All AT checked out through the DRC must be returned by the end of each semester. The date by which the equipment is to be returned will be discussed by the staff member at the time of checkout. Students may re-check out the technology as needed.

Lost or Broken Equipment

  1. Contact the DRC as soon as possible after the equipment is lost or damaged. A hold may be placed on the individual’s account, preventing students from registering for classes, graduating, or picking up their diploma. The cost of replacement (per part) will be discussed at the time of checkout.
  2. If DRC equipment is stolen, the student is required to report the theft to UTC police if on-campus or Chattanooga police if stolen off-campus.