Alternate Text Conversion

UTC reviews requests for accommodations including alternative text on a case-by-case basis.

Students must be registered with Disability Resource Center and determined eligible to receive text conversion services.

Students who are eligible to have DRC convert books must allow us considerable time to complete the process. DRC requires two working weeks to complete the alternate text request from the publisher, if available; therefore it is recommended that students provide DRC with their materials well before the start of the new semester.

Work will not begin on students' books until a Request for Books in Alternate Format has been provided along with a course schedule for the requesting semester to the Adaptive Technology Coordinator ( Please note that requests will be processed in the order they were received, so it is in your best interest to get your book requests in as early as possible.

Please note that the turn around time from textbook publishers varies. If a file has not been obtained within 2 weeks from the publisher, the student can then provide the textbook to be scanned and converted at DRC.

A student approved for text in alternate format should follow these steps to receive text conversion services.

  1. Submit a course schedule and a request for textbooks in alternate format including all of the following information to
    • Your name
    • Book title
    • Book author
    • Edition needed
    • ISBN number (usually a 978-XXXXXXXXXX number)
    • Class for which book is needed
    • Desired alternate format (PDF, Word).

It is strongly recommended that students contact their future instructor(s) to verify that all this information is correct prior to submitting your request. When contacting future instructors, students need to explain that they will be in their classes next semester and need printed materials in an accessible format. In addition to requesting textbook information, students should also request advance copies of any print materials needed during the semester. This may include, but is not limited to, course packets, handouts, articles, and syllabi. Explain to the instructors that any materials they lend or donate might be cut and removed from the binding if conversion services are necessary. RENTAL TEXTBOOKS MAY BE DISASSEMBLED WITH SPECIAL AUTHORIZATION.

  1. Once requests have been made, students must then contact the Adaptive Technology Coordinator at the DRC and schedule an appointment to provide proof-of-purchase of textbooks. The Adaptive Technology Coordinator can be reached by phone at 423-425-5251 or e-mail at The student may either deliver the hard copy of their textbook at their appointment, or they may provide a receipt verifying purchase. Materials that are converted by DRC will have the binding cut and replaced with a spiral binding once the conversion process is complete. Please allow up to 3 weeks for the conversion process. Therefore, it is important to get the requests to the Adaptive Technology Coordinator as soon as possible.
  2. Converted materials will be delivered to students electronically once the conversion process is complete and proof of purchase has been verified. You may request the alternate file on a CD or bring a USB flash drive and the converted text will be provided.
  3. During the semester you may be assigned additional articles to read. Submit requests for articles by bringing them to our office or e-mail them to the Adaptive Technology Coordinator. Please allow one week for us to scan and convert an article.

Additional Notes:

  • Text to speech and screen-reading software is available for student use at the DRC Frist Hall labs, the Adaptive Technology room in the Library.
  • The student may not reproduce or distribute e-text in any other format nor can anyone else be allowed to do so. Any further reproduction or distribution is considered copyright infringement.