Alternate Media Conversion

UTC considers requests for accommodations including alternate media conversion on an individual, case-by-case basis.

Students must be registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and determined eligible to receive alternate media services.

Requests for alternate media conversion may be submitted at any time. Each request should be received a minimum of two working weeks prior to the course meeting during or for which the materials are needed to ensure you have the materials on a timely basis.

The DRC may take up to two working weeks to convert media in alternate formats.

All requests are processed in the order that they are received. 

Follow these steps to request alternate media conversions:

  1. Submit your request to with the following information:
    • Your name
    • Description of material needing to be converted
    • Course and instructor information (for student submissions)
    • Desired alternate formate (captions, PDF, Word, etc.)

It is strongly recommended that students contact their future instructor(s) to verify that all this information is correct prior to submitting your request. When contacting future instructors, students need to explain that they will be in their classes next semester and need media in an accessible format.

  1. For text documents, students must contact the the DRC to set up an appointment to review the request with the Adaptive Technology Coordinator. All hard copies of course material should be brought to the scheduled appointment.

For specific guidelines and procedures related to alt-text requests, please click the button below.

Alt-Text Guidelines and Procedures

Note:  Text materials that are converted by DRC may have the bindings cut, if applicable, and replaced with spiral binding once the conversion process is complete. This process takes a minimum of 2 weeks to complete.

  1. All converted materials will be delivered to students electronically. Text materials can be put on CD or on a USB Flash Drive (provided by student). For audio or video-based materials, students will not be allowed to keep any media unless the original media belongs to them. Depending on the copyright permission obtained, faculty may be able to keep the converted media, or the media may be shared online, barring downloads, for a specified limited time before being permanently deleted.

Additional Notes:

  • Text to speech and screen-reading software is available for student use at the DRC, Frist Hall labs and the Adaptive Technology Room in the Library.
  • The student may not reproduce or distribute alternate media in any other format nor can anyone else be allowed to do so. Any further reproduction or distribution is considered copyright infringement.

Examples of Alternate Media include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Documents posted on UTC Learn
  • Course Reading Packets

Contact Bryon Kluesner, Adaptive Technology Coordinator for the above requests at 423-425-4006 or

  • Audio Transcripts
  • Captioning of videos

Contact Erica hausler, Access Coordinator: Exam Accommodations and Deaf Services for the above requests at 423-425-4300 or