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Scheduling Exams

  • Please submit proctor forms at least 3 BUSINESS DAYS before your exam date.
If exam is on:
Turn form in on this day before exam:


Keep in mind the following schedule if you receive time and a half:

50 minute classes: You receive 75 MINUTES.

75 minute classes: You receive ONE HOUR & FIFTY-THREE MINUTES.

**Longer classes like labs and night classes may not allow the full class time for exams, and will be adjusted according to the professor's specifications.**


How to schedule or reschedule exams

  • If your exams are listed on your syllabus, you may include them all on the same form for each class (fill out one form per class).
    • If anything changes, just email to let the DRC testing center know which class you need to reschedule an exam for, and what date it's being moved to.


  • Exams should be scheduled for the same date and time as your class, unless you have a schedule conflict with receiving extended time.
    • If you have a schedule conflict, you may schedule your exam to start early so you apply the extended time to the beginning of the exam. Please put the early adjusted time on your form.
    • If starting early is not an option, please submit a form with the original exam time, then talk with your professor about rescheduling your exam, and have them communicate to what you've both agreed to.


  • If you need to reschedule an exam for personal reasons including illness, schedule conflicts, other appointments, etc., we must have your professor's permission before rescheduling an exam here.
    • If your professor postpones an exam or if it is rescheduled due to inclement weather, please email to let the DRC testing center know when the original exam date was, and what date it is being changed to. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ADDITIONAL FORMS.


DRC Testing Center hours

  • The DRC testing opens at 7am so exams can be scheduled before 8am, and the center closes at 5pm, but we will remain until 6pm only if a late exam is scheduled. Exams for night classes must be rescheduled for a time your professor agrees to. Please follow the same procedure above for rescheduling exams.


What if you're late to an exam or miss an exam?

  • If you are late to an exam, you will be allowed to take it, but you will only be allowed the remaining amount of time to take it.


  • If you miss your exam time completely, you will not be allowed to retake it without permission from your professor, same as if you were to miss an in-class exam.

What to do if your exam is online

  • Online exams that you can take anywhere do not need to be scheduled at the DRC testing center, unless the professor requires the exam to be proctored.
    • Make sure your professor has an accommodation letter stating if you get extended time, and they should adjust your time for your online exam to reflect this accommodation.


Scheduling Final Exams

  • If you have not listed your FINAL EXAM date on your original form, please submit a proctor form for your final exams by at least 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF FINALS.


  • Final Exams will be given 3 hours to complete if you receive time and a half.


Final exam start times are adjusted as follows in order to accommodate extended exam times without any exams starting while exams are already in progress:

Original exam time:

Take in the DRC at:

8:00am 8:00am
10:30am 11:00am
1:00pm 2:00pm
3:30pm 2:00pm
Unless otherwise specified by the Access Coordinator, any exams originally starting anytime after 3:30 will need to be rescheduled for any of the above DRC times, and the rescheduled time approved by the professor.


DRC Testing Center Policies for Academic Integrity

  • Absolutely NO CELL PHONES may be with you in the exam room, or  your exam will be stopped and collected if a phone is found on you.
    • Make sure to turn your phone off and leave it with your belongings in DRC testing center office before you start your exam.
  • No unauthorized materials will be allowed in the exam room.
  • Unless otherwise specified by your professor, students are required to bring their own scantrons/blue books, etc.


Properly filling out a proctor form

  • VERY IMPORTANT notes about the form:
    • Please triple check that all information is entered properly so that we will be completely prepared for you to take your exam, and at the right time and date.
    • Confirmation emails are sent to you and your professor based on the email addresses you enter into the form. Please ensure they are spelled properly, or the email confirmations will not get sent.
      • Occasionally the program that sends automatic emails is not working properly, especially during high volume periods when students are submitting a lot of forms. In this event, your submissions will always be received by the testing center, but your confirmation emails may take a day or few to be sent out.
    • Exams and quizzes have two separate sections to fill out. Please make sure you schedule your exams and/or quizzes in the appropriate section (they are clearly marked).


Please report to Frist 102 at the time of your exam. Your exam will be ready for you there. You will leave any belongings you don't need for your exam in this office, sign an honor statement, and you will be brought to your exam room.



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