Application & Interview Process 

The 2021-2022 Mosaic Application is due Friday, January 15th, 2020@ 3:00pm (Eastern Time)

2021-2022 Mosaic Application

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Application Process 

To be considered for fall enrollment, students are highly encouraged to submit all application materials by the application deadline. Potential students are encouraged to begin the UTC admission process as early as possible.  

When all application materials for a student are received, a student's application packet will be reviewed by the Mosaic Advisory Board. If the student is a possible candidate, the student and their family will be invited to campus for an interview. This interview allows both parties to evaluate the fit of the student and the program.  

An evaluation of an individual’s goodness of fit within the Mosaic program plays a primary role in the decision process. Once decisions have been made, families will be notified by email. Due to the limited space in the program, we are unable to offer a spot to all that apply.  

All of the following information is required:  

- Completed Mosaic Program application

- Copy of UTC acceptance letter or proof that you have applied (i.e. email confirmation from UTC that your application has been received) 

- Documented evidence of an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis. This documentation should be in the form of a Clinical Psychological Report or Psychoeducational Evaluation performed by a qualified and licensed professional. This information will help us in establishing a diagnosis of Autism and how it may impact you. It will also allow us to make an informed decision about your readiness and fit for the Mosaic Program. 

- A copy of your high school transcripts. For students who have previous college experience: an unofficial transcript from that institution, or other documents that detail classes taken and grades earned. Note: These do not have to be official transcripts.

- If applicable, history of supports used in the high school setting (Ex. IEP or 504 Plan). If you utilized accommodations in a college setting please include those as well.

- The names and contact information of two references. One must have worked with you in an academic setting and the other reference should be a another professional who has worked with you and knows you well (ex. mental health professional)


Interview Process 

Once applications are reviewed by the Mosaic Advisory Board, decisions are made regarding who will be invited to interview on campus. Please note that we are unable to offer an interview to all that apply. Once these decisions have been made, candidates will receive an email outlining the process for scheduling an interview.  

The on-campus interview is 45 minutes and includes members of the Mosaic Advisory Board. All candidates are provided with interview questions in advance as well as any relevant information to make the process as stress-free as possible. We welcome all candidates to reach out to us with any concerns they may have throughout any stage of the process.  

Please Note: Admission to Mosaic does not guarantee admission to UTC. Applications to UTC and to Mosaic are separate processes. You do not have to have an acceptance to submit an application to Mosaic or to be invited to interview, but acceptance offers cannot be offered to those not accepted to UTC. We highly recommend that you start UTC application process before applying to Mosaic.  

Thank you for your interest in the Mosaic program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 423-425-4006.