Employer Luncheons 

Mosaic hosts a series off luncheons throughout the year.  The objective of these is to educate local businesses on the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce, as well as the services that we provide to you.  Our hope is that after learning about the strengths of individuals with autism, you will choose to take our students on as interns and/or employees.  

Each of these three luncheons will begin with the same brief presentation, which will lead into a Q&A session and conversation-based learning experience.  Due to our desire to keep the setting small enough for everyone's questions to be explored thoroughly, we are imposing a limit of the first 7 businesses to sign up for each (Each attendee is invited to bring a +1 as well).   

Everything is completely free of charge.  

Upcoming Luncheons 

Luncheons are currently on hold for the Fall 2020 semester due to Covid-19.