Program Fees

Payment of Fees

The program fee for Mosaic is $3,500 per semester. This fee is in addition to tuition and housing expenses. Fees must be paid in full before the start of each semester. A Billing Statement, outlining the terms of the payment will be sent out to the responsible party.

Financial Assistance

It is not the intent to exclude students who cannot afford this extra fee, so supports have been developed in the form of relationships with Vocational Rehabilitation and Financial Aid. Vocational Rehabilitation for the State of Tennessee has committed to paying the additional fee for Mosaic for students who qualify for support.

Financial aid for UTC has committed to assisting students build the costs of the Mosaic program into their individual financial aid packages. This is done through the cost of attendance appeal form which can be found on the UTC Financial Aid website.

Finally, students who do not have financial aid, who do not qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation, and have a significant financial need will have the option of appealing the fee through a committee. These decisions will be made on a case by case basis by committee.