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Exam Administration Information for Faculty


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General Information

The DRC Testing Center is a service provided for faculty in order to help ensure that students needing exam accommodations will receive the accommodations they need. While it is required by law that students receive the appropriate and necessary accommodations that they are eligible for, it is not a requirement that students take their exams at the DRC Testing Center to receive their accommodations. However, it is generally more convenient for faculty than having to ensure that accommodations are administered appropriately themselves. At times, students may also require specialized software or hardware in order to be accommodated for their exam, which the DRC is equipped to provide.

Students who are eligible for accommodations for timed assessments should be able to have these accommodations on any form of in-class timed assessment, whether it's considered a quiz, exam, midterm, final, or anything else that is used for determining a particular outcome, reglardess of whether or not the grade "counts". If it is used for determining a particular outcome, even if the outcome does not affect their grade, without accommodations a student may not be able to complete the assessment to the best of their ability to produce an accurate result.

Please note: The DRC Testing Center cannot administer exams to students who are not registered with our office, or who have not been approved for temporary accommodations due to a currently debilitating issue. This includes administering makeup exams if students do not meet one of these two criteria.


Approving Proctored Exams

While exam accommodations are guaranteed for the student, faculty approval of proctored exams tells the DRC Testing Center specifically that we have all of the information required to appropriately administer the exam with accommodations. Please follow the link below to complete the approval process, and find more information about completing the approval process below.


Login to Accommodate


  • You should receive a confirmation email when a student has submitted a new exam request.
  • Please review this document for detailed instructions for approving the exam request.
    • You will find this document attached to your confirmation emails, as well as within your Accommodate page under the Resources tab.


Procuring your exam

There are several options for how the DRC Testing Center can procure your exam prior to the time we will administer it. You can choose your preference as you approve an exam request.

1. NEW: Upload your exam to Accommodate (follow the instructions in the document linked above). Only DRC staff with specific manager permissions will be able to access the file, and you will be able to remove the exam yourself once the exam date has passed (we will do a purge every month otherwise).

2. Email your exam to drctesting@utc.edu

3. Have your exam delivered to Frist 102.

4. Have us pick up your exam from your administrative assistant (please let us know when the exam will be available for  pickup, and we will get it from them as soon as we can).


Receiving your completed exam

There are also several options for how you would like to receive your completed exam. You can choose your preference as you approve an exam request.

1. Pick up your exam from Frist 102 at your convenience.

2. Have us scan and email the exam back to you (we will keep the original completed exam locked in our file cabinet for one month before shredding).

3. Have us deliver your exam to your department's administrative assistant.


Due to limited staffing at the DRC Testing Center (one person must always be present when students are taking exams, and two-person coverage cannot always be guaranteed due to work related tasks or other obligations), we try our best to make two deliveries per day, one as late in the morning as possible to disperse as many exams as we can in one delivery, and the second as late in the afternoon as possible (before 4pm), again to make sure we can deliver as much as possible in one delivery. This ensures that we are limiting our time away from the office so that we are focusing our time on the work we do for students first. For the same reason, exam deliveries will only be made to departmental offices in order to limit the number of stops around campus that we have to make.


More information about some form questions

  • Feel free to approve only one exam request per class. Proctored exam request confirmation emails are a courtesy. We can apply the information you provided in a single approval to other students in the same class since the same information should apply to all students.


  • How can we reach you during the exam? While students in class are able to ask questions pertaining to the exam, it's important that students taking the exam with us should be able to ask questions as well if they come up. We have provided several flexible options for reaching you during the exam, including text messaging (texts will come from a staff member only). Please indicate your preference on the form.


  • For materials necessary to complete the exam: If you provide materials for students on the exam (such as scantrons or blue books), then we will provide them as well. If you require students to bring their own materials, we will expect them to do the same here. Please indicate on the form if we should provide materials, or if students should provide materials.


  • Describe Additional Resources: Besides the materials listed above that are required to complete the exam, do the students get to use any additional materials as aids on the exam? i.e. material on UTC Learn, notes, textbook, a cheat sheet, etc.


  • IMPORTANT: If there is other critical information about the exam that we need to know, such as the use of a specific piece of software (i.e. programming software, editing software, content specific software) that we may or may not have installed on our lab computers, or anything other unique and specific to the exam that we should be aware of, please shoot us an email as soon as possible to let us know so that we can be sure we're prepared for that unique situation.


DRC Testing Center Policies for Academic Integrity

  • If a breach of academic integrity is found:
    • A breach of academic integrity means that staff at the DRC Testing Center have noticed a student using unapproved materials/devices during an exam. While evidence of cheating cannot always be provided, if a student is caught cheating, their professor will receive an email thoroughly detailing the incident, and the test will be stopped and taken up as is, and returned to the professor.
      • Testing center staff will be willing to work with faculty in any way to make sure that the incident is thoroughly investigated, if necessary.


  • Zero tolerance cell phone policy: Students are not permitted to have cell phones on them in the testing room for any reason. They are asked to quiet and leave their cell phones with their belongings in the testing center's main office. If a student is found with a phone in the room, their exam will be stopped.


  • Approved materials for exam: Students will be asked to leave all of their belongings in the testing center's main office, other than what they are approved to have for the exam.
    • Due to the extended time students are allowed to receive, which often impedes their ability to use a designated break time or their exam just runs for an elongated amount of time, we will allow students to bring approved food and drink into the room with them. The items must be observed by the testing center staff and checked for possible indescretion.
    • Students may ask for scratch paper to help organize their thoughts (this is a useful strategy for many of our students), in which case we will provide paper for them, initialized on a corner by a staff member to indicate that the paper was provided by us, and was handed to the student blank. Any scratch paper used will be returned with the exam.
    • Generally, any approved aids such as cheat sheets, note cards, or formula sheets will be included with the exam for return to the professor so that it can be checked by the professor for any indescretion, since professors cannot monitor their use in our office and we may not have the ability to determine what information on the aid is or is not appropriate.


  • Computer exams: The testing center will provide a lab computer to students who need to take exams with a computer. We have the ability to remotely monitor all of the computer desktops of our lab computers to check what students are using on the computer.
    • If your exam requires any specialized software, please check with us to make sure we already have it installed, or we will have to work with IT to make sure we get it installed before the exam.