Access For Commencement Ceremonies


  • There will be dedicated parking for vehicles with an accessible parking decal (handicap decal) in lot 20, located right beside the arena (see map below).
  • Parking is on a first come, first served basis.
  • Not all of the parking spots in lot 20 are accessible for unloading and loading of wheelchairs. Guests may be unloaded and loaded at either of the two arena entrance ramps adjacent to lot 20.
  • The two entrances adjacent to lot 20 are both accessible entrances into the concourse level of the arena.

 Campus map showing the arena, surrounding parking lots, and the relative location of US 27 and downtown.


  • Entrances to the arena are on the concourse level. Seating throughout the arena is on a first come, first served basis.
  • For guests with mobility impairments that are able to walk, the top row of seating just below the concourse will be reserved for accessible seating. This provides the least amount of stairs to navigate to seats in the stands.
  • Wheelchair seating is on the concourse level, right behind the lower stands. Two individuals (including the person using a wheelchair) can sit to each side of the staircase of each section of stands. Please ask an usher for an additional chair if you need one to sit in.
  • There will not be seating available on the floor for guests using a wheelchair.

Other Information

  • If walking up stairs is more difficult than walking down, at the end of commencement guests may exit the arena from the floor level. There is an elevator in the first floor hallway behind sections 125-127. The concourse level is on the third floor.
  • The university and the arena cannot provide personal assistive devices such as wheelchairs or walkers.
  • Live captions are provided for every commencement ceremony for convenience. Sign language interpreters are available upon request (please see contact below).