Freshman Assistive Technology Design Project

Each year, UTC partners with several different educational agencies to identify projects for students to serve by designing and building assistive technologies for physically challenged children.

The Freshman Design projects are completed in one semester. UTC students meet with the project advisors at the partnering organization, the students' schools, or the child's home in order to fully understand the client's needs. Most of the projects are completed and delivered to the children and families for their use. Projects are beta tested prior to final delivery. In some situations the projects take longer than projected to complete or need additional work prior to delivery. Accommodations are made to ensure that each client gets served.

Partners have included: Signal Centers; Siskin Children's Institute, County Schools' Special Education Department;; Hamilton County Schools' Special Education Department (Wallace E. Smith Elementary, Red Bank Elementary, Spring Creek Elementary); Rhea County Schools' Special Education Department; Tennessee Early Intervention Services and E. K. Baker Elementary School, McMinn County.

How You Can Help:

Help us build a much-needed endowment for this program starting at $25,000 to ensure that the funding continues as this program is currently dependent on state funding. Your pledge can be extended over a three to five year period.