Called to Active Duty

If you are called to active duty while attending courses at UTC, the following guidelines should be followed:

  1. Submit a copy of military orders to the Records Office at If you are unable to turn in your military orders prior to leave, please contact the Records Office at your first opportunity.
  2. Notify all instructors that you've been called to active duty to discuss available options for course completion. For example, you might discuss the possibility of receiving incomplete(s), final grade/credit(s); or for a short leave of absence, and arrange to makeup coursework at a later date. 
  3. You also have the option to officially withdraw from course(s) or the University. If you intend to withdrawal from the university, please notify the Records Office of your active duty status.

Veteran Affairs and Military Tuition Assistance Benefits

If you are receiving Department of Veterans Affairs or Tuition Assistance education benefits, please notify Veteran Student Services at immediately to discuss the potential financial impact.