Mocs Go Vote

Mocs Go Vote 2020

Mocs Go Vote is UTC’s initiative to increase student voter turnout in the November 2020 elections. Our organizing efforts began in 2018 when a committee of faculty members, student leaders, and administrators came together around a shared objective to recommit our campus to civic engagement. Through outreach and programming, Mocs Go Vote seeks to increase student registration on campus, to decrease the gap between registered voters and actual voters, and to develop  a stronger sense of civic participation among UTC students. Supported by the student advocacy groups CivicNation and CivicTN, our 2018 campaign involved a number of creative and exciting events, culminating in an election night celebration on Chamberlain Field. For our 2018 efforts in “Excellence in Student Voter Engagement,” UTC was designated a Silver Campus by the All In Campus Democracy Challenge. Let’s build upon this success in 2020! Mocs Go Vote!

Why College Students Should Vote

  • Exercise your right and responsibility
    • The right to vote is a bedrock principle in a democracy and electoral participation is an essential civic duty. While many governments around the world deny citizens the power to elect their leaders, the American system provides one the opportunity to select their political representatives -- the sign of democratic legitimacy. 
  • Shape the political agenda
    • Are you passionate about a particular political issue? Learn about candidates' views on the social, economic, and environmental issues that are important to you and use your vote as a call for action. For example, 
      • Student loans, Pell Grants, and work-study are all federal programs. Your vote for the president and congressional representatives means you have a say in how those programs are shaped for years to come. 
      • Your vote for Governor and state representatives will affect state aid to you and to your school. State universities and colleges rely on funding from taxes to support the services they provide students.
  • Your vote MATTERS
    • Too often, many students feel that their vote does not matter. But recent elections show that outcomes can be decided by a handful of votes. If you do not vote, your voice is not heard. Moreover, college students have the potential to be a key constituency in every election. With millions of college students eligible to vote, your collective voice can make a significant difference.