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2015 Cohort of WLA


About the Program

The Women's Leadership Academy (WLA), held in collaboration with the Dean of Student office, is an annual program based in principles of feminist leadership. The training takes place off-campus each fall semester over two days. Participants of WLA hear from empowering female leaders on our campus and in our community, identify their individual values that motivate them to make social change, collectively engage in formulating solutions to challenges presented, analyze American societal norms that have limited women's participation in leadership roles throughout the course of history, and enhance self-care techniques as a tool to further their growth in leadership.   


Session Dates & Application Information

The 2017 session of Women's Leadership Academy will be help November 10-12 at Camp Lookout.

Applications are now open on MocSync. Please submit your application on MocSync by Friday October 13, 2017 to be considered.

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Contact Lauren Ouwerkerk at Lauren-Ouwerkerk@utc.edu