MOC Lead

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About the Program

MOC Lead is a brand new leadership program here at UTC. We will be piloting the program during the 2016/2017 academic year, and launching the program in full in the Fall 2017 semester. MOC Lead is a semester long cohort program to help individuals develop their leadership skills. Semester 1, is focusing on the individual leader and Semester 2 focuses on the individual leader in a student organization leadership role. 

Session Dates

Group Dynamics
Wednesday, April 5     1:00pm     Ocoee Room
You're in a student organization made up of different personalities. Come learn how to make sure those personalities work together!

Recruitment and Retention
Wednesday, April 12     1:00pm     Signal Mountain Room
As the year goes on, your student organization needs to grow! How do you recruitment and keep new members? Come find out!

Conflict Management
Thursday, April 13     1:00pm     Signal Mountain Room
Eventually, the personalities in your organization will clash. As a leader, you'll need to know how to bring harmony back within your organization.

Event Management
Wednesday, April 19    1:00pm     Chickamauga Room
Does your organization want to plan events for your members or the whole campus? Come to this session to learn how to plan events both big and small.


For more information on the program or on the cohort application, contact Aubrey Duman at