General Student Grievance (Complaint) Procedure

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is a driving force for acheving excellence by actively engagement students, faculty, and staff; embrancing diversity and inclusion; inspiring positive change; and enriching and sustaining our community.  

The General Student Grievance (Complaint) Procedure is the process by which students may share concerns, grievances, or complaints in relation to University, or its faculty or staff, when there is not another specific procedure to resolve the concern. 

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For incidents related to Code of Conduct violations; Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Dating and Domestic Violence, and Stalking; or Discrimination base onrace, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status.

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Informal Resolution

  1. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to seek an informal resolution of their grievance directly with the faculty or staff member(s) involved, or with the appropriate supervisor of the University program or service.
  2. If an informal resolution cannot be reached or is not desired, the student should utilize the formal resolution process

Formal Resolution

  1. Grievances are submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students by the student.
  2. Grievances should be reduced to writing by the student utilizing the electronic form ( or other written means.
  3. Grievances must contain
    1. Name(s) of the faculty or staff member(s), or the University program or service that are the subject of the grievance.
    2. Name(s) of other individuals involved.
    3. Date of the incident (if applicable).
    4. Time of the incident (if applicable).
    5. Description of the grievance.
    6. Description of any efforts the student has made to resolve the matter.
    7. Description of the desired resolution.
    8. Any documentation related to the grievance.
  4. The Office of the Dean of Students will review the submitted grievance. If additional clarification, documentation, or investigation is needed, the Office of the Dean of Students will serve as the information gatherer and/or investigator.
  5. The Office of the Dean of Students will send notice of the grievance to the Appropriate Administrator for review and resolution.
  6. The Appropriate Administrator shall review the grievance and make a determination as to the appropriate resolution of the grievance.
  7. The Appropriate Administrator shall submit their determination to the Office of the Dean of students within ten (10) business days of receipt of notice of the grievance. If there are circumstances requiring additional time to make a determination, the Appropriate Administrator shall notify the Office of the Dean of Students.
  8. The Office of the Dean of Students will send a summary of the determination to the student, with copy to the Appropriate Administrator.

Appeal of Determination

  1. If the student is not satisfied with the determination by the Appropriate Administrator, the student may appeal the determination through each succeeding administrative level.
  2. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Dean of Students within five (5) business days of receiving the summary of the determination.
  3. The administrator at each succeeding level of review shall review the grievance, the determination, and letter of appeal, and shall submit their decision to the Office of the Dean of Students within ten (10) business days of notice.
  4. The Office of the Dean of Students will send a summary of the decision to the student, with a copy to the Appropriate Administrator.
  5.  The final level of review shall be the appropriate Vice Chancellor (or the Chancellor, if the determination on appeal was made by a Vice Chancellor). The Vice Chancellor (or Chancellor's) decision shall be final and not subject to appeal..

Other General Student Grievance Processes

  1. Complaints regarding any University of Tennessee institution not resolved at the campus level may be directed to the University of Tennessee, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success.

    The University of Tennessee
    Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success
    821 Andy Holt Tower
    Knoxville, TN 37996  
  1. Complaints may also be reported to any agency that offers accreditation to the University, including:
    1. Southern Association of Colleges and Schools - Commission on Colleges
      Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
      Commission on Colleges
      1866 Southern Lane
      Decatur, GA 30033
    2. Tennessee Higher Education Commission
      Tennessee Higher Education Commission
      404 James Robertson Parkway Suite 1900
      Nashville, TN 37243

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