B.S. Degree Requirements

There are two concentrations in the degree program:  the more general Legal Assistant Studies (LAS) Concentration and the Social Sciences Concentration.  The major difference in the two programs is that the social science option requires more research methods and social science curses in related fields.  This concentration is ideal for students who think they want to work more with data analysis and locating research for potential cases. 

For more information about specific requirements, visit the University Catalog.  Once you get to the catalog web page, click on College of Arts and Sciences and look for legal assistant studies when the list appears.

 It is important to remember that UTC requires that all students take at least 15 semester hours of LAS courses at UTC; therefore, students are not allowed to transfer more than 24 hours of the 39 hours of required LAS classes to UTC. Any additional hours of legal assistant studies classes will transfer as general electives. All students in the LAS program must complete a minimum of 10 semester hours in a traditional classroom setting.


Students also should be aware of Continuation and Graduation Standards.

In view of the nature of legal assistant studies and the fact that individual rights may be affected by individuals providing legal assistance, the following standards will be applied by the Legal Assistant Studies faculty:

  1. To progress in Legal Assistant Studies students are required to a) maintain a 2.5 (4.0 = A) grade point average in all legal assistant courses, and; b) maintain an active liability insurance policy for the legal assistant practicum.
  2. If in the judgment of the faculty there is a reason to question the academic, emotional, ethical, or professional fitness of a student, the faculty have the right to make recommendations regarding continuation in the program.
  3. Students who fail legal assistant studies courses may not be allowed to progress in the program. Students may only repeat a Legal Assistant Studies course(s) one time.